‘Chiramel Family Fellowship’  is an association of Chiramel families of Pazhuvil Origin. At present the ‘Fellowship’ has families from 17 Branches (Thavashykal). There are 667 families, 10 priests, 69 sisters and two Brothers in the ‘Chiramel family fellowship’ (as on August 2008),

The ‘fellowship’ was officially formed on 11th October 1987 at a general convention of family representatives held at Kuriachira St. Joseph’s English Medium Model School. Well ahead of the formation of the fellowship, the efforts for publishing a family history book had begun by Acharya J.C. Chiramel and Fr. Antony Chiramel. But the task was fulfilled by Sri. C.O. Poulose, Chiramel Mulangadan, Kadukutty, in the year 1988.

It is believed that the ‘Chiramel’ family has a traditional heritage commencing from 1st century itself. Regarding the origin of the family name ‘Chiramel’, it is believed that the family was residing at northern side of the ‘Palayur Theerthakulam’ on upper part of a ‘Chira’ (Bund – created for irrigational purpose), and hence called the name ‘Chiramel’.
When the number of families increased and shifted to various nearby places, over a period of time, it was very difficult to identify Chiramel families among themselves. Naturally, a second name was also added to the original name, which is either connected to the name of forefather or place of residence. This second name is known as ‘Thavazhy’. We have 17 such thavazhies. (branches)

Thavazhy names formed connecting forefathers names are as follows:

1. Chiramel Avaran

2. Chiramel Kunjavu

 3. Chiramel Kuryan

4. Chiramel Kurumban

5. Chiramel Puthenvaru

Thavazhy names formed connecting name of place of residence:

1. Chiramel Ollukkaran

2. Chiramel Perigottukarakkaren

3. Chiramel Poruthukkaren

4. Chiramel Pullukkaren


Thavazhy names formed in connection with the features of place of residence:

1. Chiramel Karath

 2. Chiramel Kizhakkethala

3. Chiramel Padinjarethala

4. Chiramel Vadakkan

5. Chiramel Madampady

 6. Chiramel Mulangaden


Thavazhy name formed through marriage alliance from a family having only a daughter:

Chiramel Mangidiyan


Thavazhy name formed on receipt of title ‘Tharakan’ from Kochi MahaRaja in gratitude for saving his life during the war with ‘Samoothiri of Kozhikode

Chiramel Tharakan


Chiramel family has contributed a number of great personalities who have rendered selfless service to the society. The founder of Holy Family congregation, Blessed Mariam Thressia belongs to Chiramel Mangidiyan family of Puthenchira. Sri Chiramel Mathew Tharakan, who have been honoured by the Kochi MahaRaja by awarding the title ‘Tharakan’, Chevalliar Chiramel Anthony Tharakan who have been honoured by the Pope St. Pius X by giving Chevalliarship and the title ‘Vaidya Ratnam’ by the Kochi Maharaja are hailing from Chiramel Tharakan family of Aranattukkara. It is this family who have established Aranattukara Church, School and Market. The School and Market are still known as Tharakans School and Tharakans Market. Ollur Church was established by Sri. Chiramel Charkoru Palu. Fr. Joshua Chiramel, Fr. Mathew Chiramel, who have administered the Trichur Diocese from 1911 to 1913, Fr. Antony Chiramel a prominent priest among founders of the Vincentian congregation, Msgr. Kuriakose Chiramel, the founder of Karukutty Stella Maria Hospital, Angamaly Morning Star College, Kadukutty St Joseph’s College, Acharya J.C. Chiramel alias, Chackoru Master, the founder of Kuriachira St. Joseph’s Model English Medium School, who is also known as a social reformist and educationist, Padmabhooshan Fr. Gabriel Chiramel C.M.I., the Master Builder or the Living Legend, who is also a scientist and the founder of various institutions like Irinjalakuda Christ College, Chalakudy Carmel High School, Chalakudy Stadium, Amala Hospital - the most prestigious Cancer Research Centre of Asia, are hailing from Chiramel family.

From 1987, till the year 2000 the family meets were organized by the central committee of Chiramel family fellowship. From 2001 onwards the annual family meets are sponsored by different thavazhies, till 2010. In the year 2001, a charitable association was formed under the name and style ‘Chiramel Welfare Association’ and it was inaugurated by Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy at the annual family meet held on 4th November 2001, hoisted by Aranattukara Tharakan family. This association has been registered later under Travancore - Kochin Charitable Societies Act, 1955. Vide Regn No. 93/ 2002,  Dt. 02. 02. 2002.

In the year 2002, the family fellowship started publishing a quarterly news bulletin – Chiramel News Bulletin – as a private circulation media among Chiramel families.

In June 2007, an office was established in Adam Bazar, Eastern Rice Bazar, Thrissur to streamline the activities of the Family Fellowship, Welfare Association and News Bulletin of Chiramel family. In order to run the office financially viable a company was formed by a core team from the life members of Chiramel Welfare Association. The company was registered on 28th August 2007 under companies Act, 1956. The company was named as ‘Chiramel Stocks and Securities Private Limited’. The share trading activities began in January 2008.

In July 2008, another company was also formed for entering into another popular and traditional financial service of Thrissur – ie., Kuri. The company was named as ‘Chiramel Kuries Private Limited’.

This website is intended to know all activities of the family from one point. So keep in touch with the site to know the developments.



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